Welcome.  This site has been created as a place to record the information that has been unfolding to me from about March 2017. This new information is quite revolutionary in many ways and in a manner of speaking it is a new form of Christianity. It’s a bit like Christianity on steroids! It has changed and continues to change my life!

All of the skills that I’ve learned over the years about coaching and healing of memories and beliefs etc., are now streamlining into this new ‘Way’ that I’m being shown and the best news is that it’s right there under the guidance and authorship of  the Lord Jesus who those of you who know me will know, has always been my first loved Master and teacher.

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Upon further research about this information, I have discovered that there are a growing number of people all over the world who have been shown this same information and more and over the last ten years a new ‘body’ has been exponentially emerging on this planet. Some call this movement ’emergent Christianity’, but from what I’ve read, I’m not entirely sure it’s that. It is a bunch of people who are disillusioned with the church, the smallness of the God exemplified by the church – the pagentry of the more modern churches which are more like music concerts devoid of sacredness and stillness, and who have in one way or another simply outgrown the church-way. The common denominator amongst these folk seems to be one thing and that is a deep and heartfelt call to be in direct and closer relationship with God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The kind of relationship perhaps that is portrayed in the movie, the Shack.

I’m an excited to discover the many new gates and portals opening before me as I go, and wisdom and insight are pouring in like a flood. Those whose hearts (and minds) are open to God are it seems, being called into deeper relationship with Him and finding their true calling and destiny according to His purpose here on Earth.

In a way, I am reluctant to call it Christianity because it involves both the old testament as well as the new testament. Also the historical connotations of the word ‘Christian’ (remember Christ himself was not a Christian) and how many of the traditional Christian churches have lost their power and relevance in today’s world; however these teachings are certainly what Christ taught as well as many other prophets and ordinary people in bible. The difference for me and others in this ‘new movement’ seems however to be that we are now seeing with completely new eyes and ears. A pre-requisite in fact to all of these new things is an open-mind and a humility to come before God with a teachable spirit.

There new teachings say, above all else, that  God wants us to have a relationship with Him rather than a religion.

You can read the full account of how I came to these teachings in My Story above, and the teaching themselves as they have come to me and I’ve worked with them, can be found under categories on the right hand side of this page. These things are all quite biblical for the traditionalists among us but the best part of this ‘new Way’ is that it is self-organising and calls for as I said above, an aligned relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in relationship not religion.

Basically Christ came to this planet to show us a way to live here in abundance. Of course we will never be free from the trials and tribulations of living in this ‘fallen state’ of duality from the adversary – however He showed us how to be in the world but not of it. Although I do regard my life as being blessed and abundant, there are areas that I continue to be challenged by. Well it turns out that these blocks and barriers are not all results of my own broken pathology. The entire matter of generational curses it turns out, is very, very real. It has been in this arena that my recent work has taken me as I go about clearing so much garbage that has not only been holding me back, but my family too.

One of the biggest tools of this new revelation has been about learning to work with a system of spiritual legalism called the Courtrooms of Heaven. It turns out that there is a spiritual legal system in the courtrooms of heaven which are to be used by us in conjunction with Jesus and the Holy Spirit, using your imaginal consciousness. Its called ‘seeing in the spirit’. It is here in the spiritual courtrooms of heaven where many of the ‘obstacles’ that are keeping our prayers from being answered can safely and appropriately be removed. I have experienced a deep and profound change in myself even to the cellular level it feels as though somehow I have been ‘re-arranged’! I feel that God has put a new spirit, heart and mind in me.

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Along with the heavenly court systems, there are other aspects of the new journey which include Seeing in the Spirit, Emotional Healing including healing of trauma, memories and beliefs; there is also Traveling in the Spirit, DNA healing and restructuring and the removal of bloodline curses which even science says are passed down generationally. It’s exciting! I’ve never known a major religion to re-form itself in such a radical way yet it’s always been evident to me that if a ‘religion’ is to survive and indeed thrive, it must keep up with the times.

Before you go any further, I invite you to say the following prayer just to be sure that you are under divine protection and guidance because, like any worthwhile journey, the way is not without adversity and challenge; the most effective of which is the denial of  the existence of adversity itself and the source thereof.