The Courts of Heaven

I received this information recently in what I can only call a direct revelation from God.  The nutshell version of how I came across this teaching is that I was seeking answers to on-going challenges in the lives of two dear friends of mine. After persistent prayer nothing seems to change. The same challenges keep coming up over and over again, so I prayed for some guidance and God led me to look up ‘spiritual warfare’ and almost immediately I landed on the Courts of Heaven teachings which simply lit up and jumped out at me pretty much at the same time. (You can read the full account of exactly how this happened under ‘My Story’ or just click here).

The courts of heaven it turns out are in fact spiritual courts, much like our own earthly legal system courts.There are many references to the courts of heaven in the bible – too many to mention here, but again I had not noticed them before now. There are in fact seven different courts of Heaven, each with a different focus. The main court is called the Court of Accusation also known as the ‘mobile court’, and it is this one that I will focus on.

The background to these teachings lies in the first thing that I was shown with regard to the Courts of Heaven and that is about Life on this Earth. I have been shown in my spirit that basically, living in this world is living in Satan’s kingdom. Regardless of what I believed about Adam and Eve and the Fall, Satan is the ruler of this world and it’s his main function to keep us trapped into Earthly consciousness, unaware and challenged to experience a life beyond the physical.

It’s like we’ve been born into a Kingdom as children of a King, but the gate-keeper is so good at his job that he keeps us from living in the way in which a King’s child lives, that is prosperity and abundance, so many of us never discover the truth about who we are, who our Father is and what our true purpose and inheritance is. Satan does this in any number of ways and it is different for everyone. The life of Jesus as we know it bears testimony to how Satan will try to keep us locked in to a life of materialism, sickness, poverty and illusion. One of the most effective ways that Satan keeps us in his clutches is to convince us that he does not exist. That way, we pay no attention to him and when hardships come our way we never for one moment attribute them to his handiwork. And this is what happened to me. After I left the church, I also left behind my belief that Satan was a metaphor for ignorance, rather than a real being.

The vision that I got of life in this earthly kingdom is similar to this picture. Heaven is the Spirit world which is basically free from Satan’s influence, and it is much like a gossamer shroud that floats above the earth. Our work here is to choose Heaven, or Spirit, over form or Matter, and each time that we choose this it’s like we are claiming a piece of our inheritance here on earth for God; it’s like we are grabbing a piece of the shroud and firmly anchoring it here like tent pegs anchoring a tent and it is thus how we bring about Heaven on Earth.

It was quite startling to realize how closed-minded I had become since leaving the church. Rejecting the church and Christianity as I experienced it in the church, I saw that I had, in the proverbial sense of the word, thrown the ‘baby’ out with the ‘bathwater’.  Traversing the ‘new age’ spirituality realms for many years now, I fell into the thinking that Satan is no more than a metaphor for Fear and Ignorance, and to even talk about him or mention is name is just not cool. This, it turns out, has in fact been one of the less intelligent choices that I’ve made. Being ignorant or in denial of something or someone does not mean that they are not real.

So the first thing that God has reMINDed me of, is that Satan is very real.

Of course that is true, I think to myself, how could I have been in such denial all these years? If Jesus, who is my Master Teacher and always has been,  believed in and in fact wrestled with Satan on a regular basis during his time on earth, how can I reject the notion that Satan was anything other than a Spirit Being? And a fallen one at that?! If you think about it, much of Christ’s time on earth was doing battle with Satan; reclaiming His children if you like, from the clutches of this fallen angel, and securing for them their true inheritance, health and power as children of the most high creator of all-that-is. So how come I have just discarded that very important factor in my journey on this plane?!

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So what is the purpose of the Courts of Heaven and how does it relate to Satan?

The answer has to do with Adam and Eve (allegorical or not it doesn’t matter) who went against God’s choice for their lives and chose instead to disobey His commandment to not eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. In making this choice – even though Eve and Adam had no idea what they were doing when they chose Satan’s invitation over God’s word and thought it was merely an apple – they were actually making the choice for the whole debacle of humanity ‘falling’ into the state of duality; of good and evil, light and dark. Living in this world means that we are living in a world of duality.

Of course we also do have the gift of freedom of choice and what this amounts to is the fact that we can choose our way out of duality and darkness and into light; or we can choose to ignore the fact that there is darkness like  did when I left the church, and see ourselves as light-workers. However this does not deny the fact that there is a dark force working actively to keep us in ignorance and smallness and that dark force is the ruler of this plane of existence.

It’s just not an intelligent choice to live in denial of the devil. But it is Satan’s job to keep us stuck and small, and this is just one way that he does that. I mean what better way to make us forget about him than through convincing us that he doesn’t exist!?

Once I had re-acknowledged that Satan does exist, I started to see exactly how he was influencing my life and why.

Satan it turns out is the Accuser in the Courts of Heaven. Just like our earthly courts, there is an accuser, an accused, a defense lawyer and a judge. Satan does the work of a prosecutor. The word in Hebrew for Satan is ‘prosecuting attorney’. He accuses us of wrong-doing before God and he does this all the time in a legalistic system that we don’t even know exists.

It is said that Satan is at work before God day and night accusing us, and will seize on anything in our lives and indeed in the world to keep us from our divine inheritance. Anything that is not consciously chosen or redeemed by us to be will be used by the Accuser as legal grounds for having us convicted by God in a very real legal system thereby keeping us in bondage.

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Learning this was both scary and liberating at the same time! Scary because it doesn’t seem fair or just that people don’t even know about this spiritual-legal system under which they are held in bondage, and liberating because if true, this could mean freeing ones self and others from bondage. However, upon closer inspection this knowledge is there for those who are willing to approach God with an open mind and humble heart.

There are three main areas of focus in the lives of humans which can legally get them entrapped into the kingdom of Satan. Broadly speaking these are firstly, sin which is the state of being that you are in when you just don’t measure up to the code of ethics or morals that are Godly; then there’s transgression which usually means that they’ve rebelled in some way against God in a deliberate and/or conscious way (like Adam and Eve); and the third broad area that keeps us in bondage to Satan is inequity which to me is super interesting – this means that you could be under the influence of generational curses, vows, beliefs and/or pledges.

I will speak more in depth about vows and curses in another chapter. Suffice it to say here that because inequities are carried down for four generations that means a total of 36 people from whom could have initiated some kind of devilish curse, vow or other transgression. And by devilish I mean this in the sense of the word that they keep you from reaching your full divine potential. So things like taking on family values beliefs  and ideals and beliefs are all part of these ‘curses’ that are keeping us trapped in bondage to Satan.

However, using a simple procedure of coming before God, confessing my sin/transgression/inequity, repenting if appropriate, claiming forgiveness and redemption through the blood of Jesus (which I still did not really understand so just took it on faith) and claiming my freedom from their further influence or influences in the lives of my family to come.

This is an interesting and easy to understand clip on the Courtrooms of Heaven. Jeanette Strauss shares her own experience of having the teachings of the Courts of Heaven revealed to her and the effects of it on her personal life. If this subject is something that you feel compelled to investigate, this clip is an excellent way to start.

The first part of my courtroom of heaven process for me was saying this prayer from Jeanette’s clip. (Posted above). It involves saying two prayers for reprieve and loosening yourself from the clutches of Satan which enables you to continue with the rest of the process unhindered. There is also a prayer on this same clip for loosening others.

The first prayer is as follows and gives us power as ambassadors of truth and reconciliation to do this healing work. The prayers are taken from Jeannette Strauss’ book mentioned in the TV clip above.

Prayer of Repentance and Forgiveness for ourselves. 2 Cor 5:20

Dear heavenly Father, I humbly come before you and I repent for any sin that I have committed against you or anybody else and I ask your forgiveness and I ask that you wash me with the blood of Jesus and you move any case that they enemy has against me from the courtroom of judgement to the throne room of grace and mercy, where you will remove any veils or any scales off my eyes of understanding  and I will see the truth and I will embrace your truth and I will walk in your truth. Thank you Jesus. [at 15.25 on the clip above].

The second prayer is for loved ones.

Dear Heavenly Father.
I am bringing (name the person)  before you as an ambassador of reconciliation. I am repenting of any sin that that (the person) has committed against you. I ask for forgiveness of sin and cover (the person) with the blood of Jesus. I ask that you will remove any case that the accuser has against (the person) from the courtroom of judgement to the throne room of grace and mercy for a season of grace and mercy. I ask that during this season, (the person) will be put in your protective custody. Please remove the veils and scales from the eyes of their understanding. I declare that they will see and embrace your truth in their life. Take hold of your shield and buckler and stand up for their help. Plead their cause oh Lord that those who would strive against them, fight against those who would fight against them. Direct their footsteps according to your word and let no sin rule over them. In Jesus Name. Amen

It turns out that in the courts of heaven, you don’t argue with the Accuser. You just acknowledge guilt and continue with the process of redemption.  The transgression identified by the accuser may be our own personal transgression, or it could relate to the actual request we bring. For example there may have been a covenant, oath, bondage made in previous generations of a family that give legitimate access to the enemy in terms of, say, poverty. In which case if I go to the courts of heaven about a financial situation, if my great grandmother had been a wealthy woman who was selfish and cruel to her workers who had cursed her, that  curse remains in action in my grandmother’s generations which means it is active in my life unless and until I break it.

Even if you have no knowledge or memory of your ancestral lineages, there are many books in the Courtroom of Heaven which are record books which God will use to bring to consciousness events from the past.

Another factor to remember in the Heavenly court, is that the enemy’s accusations should not lead us to feel unworthy and therefore urn away from God’s mercy in any way. This is the one court that we do NOT argue with the accuser!  We simply use the accusation itself as useful piece of information regarding to why we are there and simply continue with the courtly process.

For some reason or other which i don’t yet understand is that in the heavenly legal system, God will not just override any legally binding vows, contracts or covenants that either we have made ourselves, or that have been made on our behalf by previous generations of our family etc. They have to be consciously and deliberately nullified by us.

As I read this I thought about why it is so important to be careful with what we say (or think) about others. Anyone who has come across the fascinating work of one  Masaru Emoto who shows the amazing effects of our words and thoughts on water crystals, will attest to the fact that human thought and words directly affect matter. For more info, click here.

In religious terms, the Bible says that we have to be careful what we testify here on earth.  If you are a parent for example, you have to be careful what you testify in conversations with others about your children.  If you are a teacher or any person in authority over others, you must not state that a student  is dumb, is lazy, or is never going to amount to anything. You can see how easy it is therefore, for us to be under the influence of curses by way of what others think and/or say about us. And what is probably more scary is what you say about and to yourself. This is because the devil will use your own testimony, or the testimony of your parent, the testimony of your teacher or the testimony of anyone else against you before the Judgment Seat of God.  The devil may say of you when you get into the heavenly court, “Even he himself, his parents, his teacher all testify this against him.”

In a way, the devil is a bit like a “soap opera” director.  He goes around looking for an actor who will read and act out the script as he wrote it.  You have to regulate what are the beliefs in your heart, for Matthew 15:18 says, “But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man.”  Psalm 109:2 says, “For the mouth of the wicked and the mouth of the deceitful are opened against me; they have spoken against me with a lying tongue. Likewise your own tongue has to be curtailed and come into obedience to the word of God in order for you to win in the Heavenly Courts.”  Proverbs 18:21 says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”

Another way that we get into bondage is when we go through emotional abuse and/or trauma. In such times of deep emotional experiences we make inner sub-conscious decisions which are actually vows about the situation and how we will deal with a similar situation in future. These decisions which become beliefs are initially formed for self-protection, however if left unattended they simply remain in tact. We also live under bondage of the words and decisions of leadership. For example, I was cast out of the traditional church for being a ‘fornicator’. That is in fact a label that was thrust upon me by the church leader at the time. And it was the truth, I was in fact sleeping with my boyfriend with whom I lived at the time. So when I first went to the heavenly courts and the accuser said ‘fornicator’, I had to accede that was true and that I had been forgiven and set free from that curse. I will go into more detail about emotional healing in a later chapter.

So when we go into the heavenly courts we may hear own own words against us, or the words of others, including ancestors.

I first became aware that I was under some past-related bondage during a Journey workshop last year. You can read about it here. Basically I realized that I had taken a vow called the Bodhisattva vow which was to endure suffering on a soul level until all Beings were enlightened and that it was still holding me captive to this day. Even though it was a noble decision at the time that I took the vow, I realized that actually I did not really want to endure suffering anymore, so it was no longer serving me now. I wanted to be free from suffering. So I had to rescind that vow which i did and yes, my life improved quite a bit after that.

At that same workshop I also realized that I was living under bondage on by my mother’s lineage side, which was that women are long-suffering and sickly and it’s just part of who they are; yet another lineage curse which was keeping me in suffering.

How it works?

The whole process takes place in what I call the ‘imaginal realm’. This is basically in the imagination. So the first step after you’ve decided what it is that you would like to have cleared, you call forth a visit to the courts of heaven. It is fascinating to see what appears to people as they initiate this process. For everyone it is something different. Mostly, however, it looks a lot like an earthly court with a judge, a prosecutor, you the accused, and Christ who is your defense lawyer.

In the heavenly court process, believers are seated behind the counsel table in the Heavenly Court, with Christ Jesus as the Believers’ Advocate (1 John 2:1). God the Father is the ‘Righteous Judge’ (Psalm 7:11) who is sitting at the bench ready to hear Believers’ cases. It is said that “as a Believer, you should not be afraid to go to the Heavenly Courts, because our debts and sins have been forgiven and we have been pardoned from all sins.  The Righteous Judge always enters a Judgment of “not guilty” or “not liable” in our favor because of the suffering and sacrifice on the Cross of Christ Jesus on our behalf.”(More on this later).

This is something that surprised me about this whole teaching, that no matter what happens in the Court experience, Believers will be found innocent, not liable. One wonders then, if that is the case, why is the whole process necessary?

It turns out again that this is because of this whole Heavenly legal system that is in process that we don’t know anything about.

It is said that the devil brings his accusations against Believers in the Heavenly Court day and night (Revelation 12:10). So it turns out that this is happening all the time in the heavenly courts, and because we are not there to represent ourselves and claim our inheritance as forgiven, our lives are under bondage. Remember, the accuser can never be wrong. He has to have a legitimate foothold to take you to court in the first place.

So if we don’t show up in court, to get an injunction against the accuser and/or get a DECREE, from the “Righteous Judge” who, upon your request will issue an injunction against the kingdom of darkness to stop harassing you and return whatever was stolen by him,” you will just continue to be in bondage. Again, it’s rather like an earthly court where if you fail to appear in court, an injunction can be brought against you with a warrant for your arrest.

It is here in areas that we keep finding ourselves stuck in, that Satan has his strong-holds over our lives and it is in these areas that we can seek reprieve from in the Courts of Heaven.

It is however, at this very part in the process that many of us fall down. It is up to us to effect the decree in our lives. We all know the case of an abused wife getting a restraining order against her abusive husband. That alone does not mean anything, unless the wife actually calls the Police to enforce the decree every time the husband shows up and violates the restraining order.

Many times the decree handed down from the Judge will resolve the matter, however, if we are dealing with personal weaknesses or patterns, there is no guarantee that the Accuser will enact the decree. As is his nature, the enemy will test you, much like the abusive husband who tests his restraining order. So Satan will try to tempt you back into bondage in any way that he can and mostly he will do this through your own mind.

This makes the case for being more careful in terms of what we choose to think.

If the accuser does continue to defy a heavenly decree, you can ask for the court to reconvene and have the accuser be judged in contempt of court. Eventually, the devil will get sick of this happening and ‘flee from you’.

This resistance seems to go against the modern day teachings about resistance. However the teaching is very clear in this case, that we are to resist the devil.

Image result for resist the devil and he will flee niv

After I had done the two prayers above, things started happening. Not only in my own life, but in the lives that I had said the prayer for. One example of this that I stood in proxy for a dear friend’s husband who had relapsed on drugs. He was in a bad way and had harmed my friend and her sister. He was a dangerous person when he was on drugs. So I prayed on his behalf and within hours of having said that prayer, he was arrested and thrown in jail where he could do no harm. That started him back on the road to recovery and within days of that arrest, he boarded a plan to Europe where he had a whole array of recovery options open to him.

Since then just about everything in my life has changed for the better.

If you feel God is speaking to you about the Courtrooms of Heaven, please visit this site and you can learn everything you need to start your own personal journey.

There is more technical detail on the structure of the Courts of Heaven here.

The next piece of the revelation was about Spiritual Warfare and Curses

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