There are a number of areas that the prince of this world, Satan, has his hold over us, and one of these is in the area of bloodline curses. A bloodline curse is a curse that has been created somewhere back in your ancestry. and, because of this legality of the spirit which was only made clear to us recently in terms of the Courts of Heaven etc., these curses must be broken in the same spiritual legal system. So Satan has kept many of us in bondage through bloodline curses because we have been in ignorance as to how to clear them.

Jesus used many different types of healing during his time here on Earth. This was to teach us that there are different methods used for different wounds.

So what exactly is a curse? It turns out that there is no middle road here. You are either blessed or cursed.  According to Frank Hammond’s book, Breaking Curses, “If you are not manifesting God’s blessing in your life, then you are under a curse. In the Old Testament the word for curse is arar, which means a to utter a wish of evil (opposite of love) against; a call for mischief or injury to fall upon, or to bind with a spell. From God’s perspective, a curse is a sentence of divine judgement upon people who fail to listen to His commandments.”  Hammond states that there are several different kinds of curses, generational curses, personal sin, object curses, word curses, founding fathers curses and witchcraft curses or spells.

It was fascinating to read that generational curses are at work when one experiences continued or repeated things in one’s life such as sickness, relationship problems, poverty etc. Things that just keep happening again and again and it seems that we are just unable to break the spell of not enough money; failure to manifest one’s dreams in any one area, repeated sicknesses, on-going life traumas, mental and or physical break-downs, break-downs in family relationships and being hindered from hearing and knowing the Father’s voice. Of course we all experience these things from time to time in our lives, but it’s when they start being a pattern and showing up on a regular and repeated basis or you are not manifesting spiritual gifts, that it is a sign of a curse being in operation. And we just don’t know about this, until we come before God in an openness and humility and ask for His help.

There are many things listed in the bible as being reasons for curses and you can read about them in Hammond’s book.

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Finding myself challenged for money, I know that my mother for example carried ‘poverty consciousness’ as did my grandfather and his before him. So what did I have to lose? I had tried just about everything else to shake off the situation of not enough money that I have found myself in for the past seven years, but nothing has really moved for me in this regard. So I set about doing the spiritual warfare work of removing the various curses that I thought may be active in my life.

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“Like a flitting sparrow, like a flying swallow, So a curse without cause shall not alight.” (Proverbs 26:2)
 Robert Henderson puts it like this:
In the springtime in Texas we have what we call “chimney sweeps” that dart about in the air. These are birds that never seem to land anywhere. They fly around constantly. They dive-bomb chimneys on houses, hence the name given to them. Every time I read or think about curses being likened to Sparrows and Swallows, I think about these creatures.
 One year, these built a nest right at the front door of our house. The nest was under the awning and out of the weather. These Swallows laid their eggs in this nest. We could go to the front door and look through the window and watch the process of these eggs, as they moved toward the day of their hatching. Pretty soon the baby birds broke through the eggs and came out into the nest. Suddenly, these little birds became menaces that you had to dodge every time you walked out the door.
 The day finally came when they all flew away. I immediately got a broom and went to the front door to quickly tear down this nest. It was made of straw, sticks, grass and some dried mud. It looked very weak and fragile. As I took the sweeping end of the broom and began to prod at the nest, I suddenly realized that the bristles of the broom were not going to take the nest down. It was much stronger and sturdier than it looked. I went to my garage and found a hoe. I took the hoe and began to poke, then strike and then bang away at this nest that now seemed more like a fort or stronghold. Finally, with much effort, I was able to piece by piece break the nest apart and tear it down. It was difficult, but at least it was now gone and good riddance.
The next spring, these same Swallows came and began to build a nest again. This time when I saw the nest being erected, I tore it down. They would come again and start to piece together the nest. I would go and get my gardening implement and tear it down. It took several times of my destroying what they were trying to build, but they finally stopped and moved somewhere else. These birds were no longer welcomed at my house.
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 This is exactly what we must do with curses that have landed or want to land in our lives and families. We must not entertain them, no matter how innocent or harmless they may seem. They will become that which will defile everything if we let them build their nest. They will bring uncleanness, dismay, discouragement and frustration if we let them have a place of landing in our lives. The good news is that if curses have landed in our lives there are ways to take away the legal right that has allowed it. We can tear down the nest no matter how strong it may be and remove their defiling effect. Through diligence, we can also prevent them from building it again. We have been given the authority in the Courts Of Heaven to undo and dissolve everything the devil would use to devour our success and futures. This includes our children and heritage. It also includes our finances, marriages, health and every other important thing.
There are principles and secrets to getting our generations and us free from curses that want to devour and defile us. Just imagine a life—free from curses—that have sabotaged your future. Once curses are removed, nothing shall be impossible.

This is a good site which categorises the healings that Jesus did according to the bible.

Robert Henderson says there are 9 voices in heaven

Robert Henderson has given permission for this to be posted, in regards to the 9 voices in the Courts of Heaven.

1. The voice of the blood of Jesus – The blood of Jesus releases testimony before the Throne of God that allows the Lord legal right to fulfill His passion.

2. The Mediator of the new covenant – Mediators are officers of a legal system sent to resolve conflict.

3. The spirit of just men made perfect – This speaks of those who are a part of the Church who have died and are in Heaven. They still have a viable and necessary function in the court system of Heaven.

4. God, the Judge of all – Isn’t it interesting that God is revealed not as Father or Lord but as Judge in this scripture. It is because the Holy Spirit desires us to recognise the legal position God holds as Judge of all.

5. The Church of the firstborn registered in Heaven – We as the Ecclesia have a tremendous place in the courts when we have been authorised and recognised.

6. The general assembly – The word in the Greek is universal companionship and it speaks of the multitudes worshipping the Lord about His throne. Their function of worship is essential to the operation of the courts.

7. An innumerable company of angels – There are varying ranks of angels that are a part of the court of Heaven’s operations.

8. The city of the living God, Heavenly Jerusalem – This is actually the wife of the Lamb as is mentioned in the book of Revelation. The wife of Bride of the Lamb’s voice has a termendous impact in the courts of Heaven.

9. The voice of finance – Our giving of finances has great weight and authority when they come into agreement with Heaven’s desire and intent


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