Seeing in the Spirit Explained

But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.1 Corinthians 2:9

Part of this ‘new Christianity’ involves deepening your relationship with the Holy Spirit through what is called ‘seeing in the spirit’. All that this really means is using your inward eye, or imagination. Anyone who has ever done any type of visualisation or inner healing etc., will know that God uses our imagination to show us His kingdom and His purposes. This clip by Mike Parsons is a great place to begin to seeing in the spirit. It also contains guided meditations and practices.

God wants us to know His Will and there are many ways to do this, seeing in the spirit is but one of them. “I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints, and his incomparably great power for us who believe” (Eph. 1:18-19, NIV, emphasis added). The Greek word translated “know” in this passage literally means to see and understand. It suggests a type of knowing that is experienced rather than learned from books in a more academic way.

His method for fulfilling this plan is by the power of His Spirit, who resides in us after we are born again. Jesus said to Nicodemus, “‘I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again'” (John 3:3). To state it another way, if a person is born again, he can see the kingdom of God.

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The Praying Medic says: “When we speak about our imagination, many of us think back to our childhood and the imaginary friends we had, the stories we made up, or the games we played to amuse ourselves. Children find it easy to engage the imaginary realm. As adults, we learn that society sees the imaginary realm as one of foolishness and make-believe. We’re told that the only adults who engage the imaginary realm are hopeless daydreamers and the mentally ill. The phrase, “It’s just your imagination,” is used to dismiss the inspired ideas that come from this part of the soul.

In Genesis 8:21 the Lord said, “I will never again curse the ground for man’s sake, although the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth.” In this verse, the Lord identifies the location of the imagination. It resides in the “heart” of man. The Hebrew word leb, translated “heart” does not refer to the physical heart, but the inner man, or what we commonly call the soul. Some people take this comment from God to mean that the human imagination in incapable of anything but evil. They believe we must resist any influence that comes from our imagination. But there is another way in which this verse can be interpreted.”

The person whom the Spirit of God indwells has the spiritual ability to see in the spirit. Seeing in the spirit comes to us via the imagination and this always begs the question, How do we Know the revelations are not just our own thoughts?

There are basically two types of revelation. The one that comes TO us (from the external) and the one that comes FROM us (which is internal). The Praying Medic explains it well here:

“It’s not difficult to determine whether something you see or hear is from an internal or external source as long as you keep in mind a couple of key principles:

Imagine for a moment that you are the radio operator on board a ship at sea. Now imagine that your ship needs to communicate with another ship at sea. Communication between two ships is done by sending radio signals back and forth. As the radio operator on one ship, you might wonder how you can distinguish between the signals you are sending and the signals being sent by the other ship. Consider this fact: As the radio operator on your ship you’re able to control the content of the messages coming FROM you, but you cannot control the messages coming TO YOU from the other ship.

The fact that you cannot change a message coming TO YOU from the other ship means that the message had its origin somewhere else. The fact that you can change a message coming FROM your own ship means that it had its origin on your ship. This same principle applies to messages from God, angels, demons, and our own soul.

Our soul creates its own messages, including thoughts and visual images. One difference between visions that come from an external source and visions that come from our soul is that images from an external source are difficult or impossible to manipulate or change willfully. Just like the radio message sent by another ship, a message that is external to us cannot be changed by us. Whereas messages that originate in our soul can be changed by exerting our will over them.

A second principle to consider is that a message we might send to another ship requires our input. We must think of what we want to say and initiate the message willfully. Messages we receive from another ship are received spontaneously, with no effort on our part. Images and messages we receive from external sources tend to appear spontaneously with no effort on our part or involvement of our will, whereas images originating in our soul require some intention on our part (we must exercise our will) to make them appear or disappear.

Know if by its Fruits.

Not all of the visions we receive from an external source are from God. Demons and angels can also send us visual images. The underlying feeling tone of a vision is usually a reliable indicator of where it came from. Images of heavenly scenes and messages that convey hope, impart peace, joy, love or other qualities that are consistent with the nature of God are generally from Him. Images portraying spiritual darkness, depravity, perversion and sin, or visions that create intense feelings of hatred, fear, shame or guilt are usually (though not always) from the enemy.”

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Protection is Vital

It is important therefore that we pray for protection when we sit down for a Seeing in the Spirit session.

The Praying Medic continues: “There are times when God will show us things from the kingdom of darkness, and when demons will show us things that appear to be heavenly. How do we know if a dark image is from God or the enemy? The enemy shows us the things of darkness in order to draw us into them as a participant, while God reveals darkness to help us defeat it. When I sense that a vision is attempting to lure me into something evil, I know it’s from the enemy. When I sense that the purpose of a vision portraying darkness is to highlight some problem that must be overcome, I know it’s from God. God has a redemptive purpose in all that He does, and you should be cautious when receiving revelation that doesn’t appear to have a divine purpose. (Cautious, but not fearful.)

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The confirmation that you’re interpreting the things you receive accurately comes by examining the fruit produced by the experience. If you see a vision of a demon that causes you to experience feelings of fear, it’s likely that you’re seeing a vision sent by the enemy. If you reject this vision and resist the fear and the vision dissipates, you have confirmation that it was from the enemy. If you receive a visual impression that a stranger has back pain and you ask them about it and they confirm that they do in fact have back pain, the revelation is confirmed. You’re seeing correctly. If you pray with them and they’re healed, you have more confirmation that the vision was from God. We know we’re interpreting and applying revelation correctly when we act on it in faith and the fruit of the Spirit is produced.”

Why you need to See in the Spirit

The person with clear spiritual vision will recognize dimensions of reality that are invisible to the physical senses. In the second chapter of Luke we are introduced to two such people–Simeon and Anna (see vv. 25-26,36-38).

Simeon had no distinctive title or position of leadership. He is described merely as a man in Jerusalem. We know that the Holy Spirit was upon him, and that he was especially attuned to the movings of the Spirit.

We know that God had placed into Simeon’s life a clear mental picture–vision–of a future event. The Spirit had revealed to Simeon that he would not die until he had seen the Messiah.

Simeon, moving in the flow of the Spirit, went to the temple, where he saw Mary and Joseph bringing the infant Jesus “to do for him what the custom of the Law required” (see v. 27).

Some people are born with an ability to see in the spirit without needing to develop it.  But if  you were not born with a certain ability that is fully functional—that doesn’t mean you can’t learn to develop it. While it may come naturally for one person, it may be a bit more difficult for someone else. Difficult—but not impossible. An undeveloped ability simply requires training in order for it to develop. But anyone can learn to see in the spirit through practice and instruction.

Being able to see in the spirit is foundational to doing all of the other work being revealed to God’s children at this time. Going into the Courts of Heaven, Clearing Curses, doing Emotional Healing, Prophecy etc., all require a willingness to lay down one’s soulish mind and thoughts about how things are, but rather allow the Spirit to show you the way directly.

This is an excerpt from my book Seeing in the Spirit Made Simple. Click on the link or the image below to learn more.

Seeing in the Spirit and the Imagination
Seeing in The Spirit – Developing Your Ability



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