PRAYERS :Here’s the Whole Book of prayers for just about everything you can imagine and then some! This includes but is not limited to:

  • Removal of curses, covenants and other binding things resulting in transgressions from you and/or your ancestors,
  • prayer for healing of sickness, mental emotional and physical,
  • prayers for healing and reclamation of land and property,
  • prayers for removal of curses stemming from involvement with other religions practiced by either and you/ancestors,
  • prayers for healing of finances,
  • relationships,
  • addiction,
  • for cleansing your bloodline,
  • for reconstruction of your DNA,
  • releasing ungodly sexual ties,
  • for breaking trauma,
  • for sexual molestation,
  • self hatred,
  • cellular memory trauma,
  • etc, etc.

If you go through this book there really should not be anything that you have not cleared or had removed and healed.  The prayers are taken from various sources, but mainly from the wonderful resourceful website called: Aslan’s Place:

Here’s another prayer  taken from the book:  “Unshakeable: Dismantling Satan’s Plan to Destroy Your Foundation” by John Eckhardt  Unshakeable

All of the above prayers are particularly useful for issues in your life that you encounter over and over again and just seem to return or be stuck in spite of your healing, deliverance and praying about.

Then there are two books that will delight and inpsire you. These are:

Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood. I have used this book throughout my adult life. It was first given to me by a woman who was my God-mother in the deepest and truest sense of the word, Enid Dotta. Regardless of what religion or philosophy I have experienced, this book remains my go-to source for truth, feedback and inspiration. I usually say a prayer and just open it and without fail it has always, always been on exactly the issue that I am faced with at the time.

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Letters of Scattered Brotherhood Final Dowload .pdf copy here


HINDS’ FEET ON HIGH PLACES : It is the story of a young woman named Much Afraid and her journey away from her Fearing family into the High Places of the Shepherd. It is an allegory of the Christian life from salvation through maturity. It doesn’t actually describe life in Heaven, but shows how the Christian is transformed from unbeliever to immature believer to mature believer, who walks daily with his/her Lord as easily on the High Places of Joy in the spirit as in the daily life of the mundane and often-times humiliating trials that tempt us to lose perspective of who we now are in Christ.Image result for Hinds Feet on High Places image

Hind’s Feet on High Places by Hannah Hunard.