My Story

Starting in March 2017 I have been given what I can only call a ‘revelation from God’. It all started with me being shown, through what I can only say was ‘divine intervention’, a whole body of information regarding a spiritual legal system known as The Courts of Heaven. I believe that I was shown this after some pretty intense pleading with God to show me why He had not answered certain of my prayers regarding some pretty serious stuff.

Over the next few months I have been shown that almost all of the ‘reasons’ for lack of success when it came to prayer, had to do with my own ignorance of God’s ways rather than God not responding! I have since come to know that our quality of life in this world including our relationship with God has everything to do with our ignorance about spiritual law than our intention and God’s grace as I once believed.

Because God is Spirit it is vital that we understand how Spiritual law works and this means that we need to be open and teachable and in relationship (not religion) with God. Even though I thought I was pretty open-minded, this just was not true when it came to Christianity. Since leaving the Christian church some 35 years ago, I discovered to my dismay that I had in fact thrown out the proverbial baby with the bathwater and had completely shut down to anything new in that regard. Well, was I in for a surprise when I finally out of desperation fell to my knees and truly opened my heart and mind to allow God free access.

The first thing that I was shown that there is such a thing as sin and God showed me how sin, iniquity and transgression (all different) keep us locked into a legal covenant with the prince of this world and out of God’s blessing. So that required a whole lot of internal clearing and cleansing work which took me about three months, after which things started to shift and I felt lighter than I have ever done before.

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Since March I have been in a type of intense five month study/healing/workshop during which time it felt like I have been immersed into a river of Life and have emerged change right down to my very DNA.  I really do feel that God has put a new mind/heart/spirit in me and has shown me that there are a number of reasons why our prayers do not get answered. This website contains a record of some of these reasons as God has revealed them to me.

Even though I had been a born-again Christian some thirty five years ago, and left the church some thirty years ago, I had never even heard of the Courts of Heaven until now, and when I asked around to those that I knew who had also come from a Christian background, nobody else in my circles had heard about it either.

The weeks following this initial revelation saw me researching the topic widely and finding out all that I could about the Courts of Heaven. My starting point was with someone called The Praying Medic.  David Joseph is a Medic working in an ambulance and he too was called directly by God into ministry using these new teachings. After reading Davids’ books, I went on to ‘meet’ so many pioneers in this incredible work and for a couple of months I spent nothing else but doing the cleansing, healing and deliverance under the guidance of the Holy Spirit as needed for God to be able to use me in this time.

Basically it turns out that there are hundreds of people who have received these same teachings and many others. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Christianity has gone through what appears to be a major upgrade and I even hesitate to call the ‘new teachings’ Christian because of the connotations of the word in terms of traditional church-based Christianity which in my view is not all that relevant anymore. I know that I had certainly outgrown the somewhat naive interpretations of Christs’ teachings and the smallness of the God of that religion, and having found no other spiritual home I have been ‘wandering in the wilderness’ for some years now.

It was therefor a major blessing for me to discover other like-spirited people in the world in a growing movement of what I will call for now, new Christianity. Not only the heavenly court system but many other related teachings have been shown to me and I share them in this website. These teachings have had a profound affect on me and I feel deeply changed and re-arranged at a cellular level.

You might say that I’ve been ‘born-again’ again!! I certainly feel like I have a renewed spirit, heart and mind.

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I am reluctant to say that I am now a Christian because this new Christianity is quite new in many ways. But I certainly am a friend of Christ regarding God as my Father and the Holy Spirit as my guide.

I have always loved the Lord Jesus. Even during the time I left the church, I still regarded Jesus as my ‘Master Teacher’. I have spent much of this life-time contemplating what His teachings really mean and how they are relevant to today’s world.

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The one thing that I learned during my time as a Christian all those years ago which has stood me in good stead ever since however, was the skill I learned with regard to how to hear ‘Gods voice’. I later translated this into ‘discerning divine impulse’ as I moved further and further away from the church.

The first thing that God showed me recently is that Satan is real. In my time away from the church the whole concept of Satan became for me a metaphor for darkness rather than a real spiritual being. Even though during my initial born-again period, I had had a deliverance ministry and even after the church, I have known when I have come face to face with the demon of darkness many times especially when my sister was in active addiction. So this was a major wake-up call for me to be reMINDed that Satan is indeed alive and well and more importantly, very active in my life.

This is what I have been shown recently:

While we are living in this world, we are living in Satan’s kingdom. Regardless of what I believed about Adam and Eve and the Fall, God has shown me that Satan is the ruler of this world and it’s his main function to keep us trapped into Earthly consciousness, unaware and challenged to experience a life beyond the physical.

It’s like we’ve been born into a Kingdom as children of a King, but the gate-keeper is so good at his job that he keeps us from living in the way in which a King’s child lives, that is prosperity and abundance, so many of us never discover the truth about who we are, who our Father is and what our true purpose and inheritance is. Satan does this in any number of ways and it is different for everyone. The life of Jesus as we know it bears testimony to how Satan will try to keep us locked in to a life of materialism, sickness, poverty and illusion. One of the most effective ways that Satan keeps us in his clutches is to convince us that he does not exist. That way, we pay no attention to him and when hardships come our way we never for one moment attribute them to his handiwork. And this is what happened to me. After I left the church, I also left behind my belief that Satan was a metaphor for ignorance, rather than a real being.

The vision that I got of life in this earthly kingdom is similar to this picture. Heaven is the Spirit world which is basically free from Satan’s influence, and it is much like a gossamer shroud that floats above the earth. Our work here is to choose Heaven, or Spirit, over form or Matter, and each time that we choose this it’s like we are claiming a piece of our inheritance here on earth for God; it’s like we are grabbing a piece of the shroud and firmly anchoring it here like tent pegs anchoring a tent and it is thus how we bring about Heaven on Earth.

It was quite startling to realize how closed-minded I had become since leaving the church. Rejecting the church and Christianity as I experienced it in the church, I saw that I had, in the proverbial sense of the word, thrown the ‘baby’ out with the ‘bathwater’.  This, it turns out, has in fact been one of the less intelligent choices that I’ve made. Being ignorant or in denial of something or someone does not mean that they are not real.

So the first thing that God has reMINDed me of, is that Satan is very real.

Of course that is true, I think to myself, how could I have been in such denial all these years? If Jesus, who is my Master Teacher and always has been,  believed in and in fact wrestled with Satan on a regular basis during his time on earth, how can I reject the notion that Satan was anything other than a Spirit Being? And a fallen one at that?! If you think about it, much of Christ’s time on earth was doing battle with Satan; reclaiming His children if you like, from the clutches of this fallen angel, and securing for them their true inheritance, health and power as children of the most high creator of all-that-is. So how come I have just discarded that very important factor in my journey on this plane?!

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Before you go into any further exploration on this or any other site, I invite you to  take time out to say this prayer for your own revelation. It is important and will form a type of protective gateway for your further explorations.

Prayer of Repentance and Forgiveness for ourselves. 2 Cor 5:20

Dear heavenly Father, I humbly come before you and I repent for any sin that I have committed against you or anybody else and I ask your forgiveness and I ask that you wash me with the blood of Jesus and you move any case that they enemy has against me from the courtroom of judgement to the throne room of grace and mercy, where you will remove any veils or any scales off my eyes of understanding  and I will see the truth and I will embrace your truth and I will walk in your truth. Thank you Jesus. [at 15.25 on the clip].

The second prayer which is for a loved one who you feel is trapped in some way either by addiction or some other form of illusion, you can find here. The prayers are taken from Jeannette Strauss’ book mentioned here. There is also a third prayer/meditation which is beautiful for healing and aligning yourself with the Presence of a loving God.

Then there is also this guided prayer/meditation to activate your First love gate, experience the Fire of God touching your heart, clear and heal the gateways of engagement, prayer and reverence fear of God. You will also cleans and heal your DNA, your conscience and your imagination, then spend time with the Beloved on the divine Dance Floor be anointed with heavenly oils in the divine Soaking Room and simply be in the Presence of God in the Garden of the heart.

The guided prayer is here. With thanks to Mike Parsons.

I have ordered the Revelations that I have received into a number of categories which you will find listed under categories on the right hand side of this website. These include:

  1. The Courts of Heaven
  2. Spiritual Warfare
  3. Curses
  4. Emotional Healing
  5. Intercession
  6. and many more.

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I believe that this is exactly what has happened to me in the last few months!