Spend More Time with God.

How would you like to spend more time with God?

Immersed in the noise and distraction of life in the 21st century it can sometimes be increasingly difficult to make time to simply be with our Heavenly Father. Just to hang out with him. Yes, we make time for praying but even then sometimes our prayers take the form of pleading and beseeching His favour on our lives and blessings on our families rather than any form of two-way communion. Often we pray and pray but we don’t stop to listen or hear His world for us.  Then we think He is not answering our prayers but in order for that to happen, we need to stop, look and listen. How can we receive answers to our prayers if we cannot receive?!

Science tells us that two positive electrical charges repel one another. Our relationships with God are like that. If both you and God are projecting outwards toward the other all the time asking, praying, even worship and praise – all of that is coming from you towards God so is in positive charge; if you don’t get quiet, empty, humble and open and just listen and receive, and go into in negative charge, what will happen? You will repel one another!! One of you  has to be in a negative (receptive) charge in order to receive from the other and who do you think stands to benefit the most by being in negative charge? You of course!

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And the times that we do manage to come before the father in a ‘place set apart’ and simply hang out and BE in His glorious presence without wining and complaining about our lives and the state of the world – how good to we feel afterwards? How powerfully inspiring, uplifting and empowered are these times with ‘Pappa’?

So why don’t we do more of this?

There can be a number of different answers to this question, the most common one probably being habit. We are habituated to our way of life here in this world. The vast majority of our time and energy and usually money too, is spent on building or maintaining our standard of living in the world. Yes we have to eat and have a roof over our heads and a car to drive. All of that is true.

However, if it is true that God is our Father, then how badly do you think He wants to just spend time with you and know that you revere Him and respect Him enough to just Be and Listen?! God wants to grow us into mature Sons and Daughters who can change lives. He does this through building our character into a level of maturity and spiritual resilience that can withstand the wiles of the adversary and this character building is underpinned by a deep trust that only comes with knowing experientially who you are and who He is.

So join us on a retreat or for an individual session and see your life change for the better.

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These retreats offer you time with God. You will experience:

  • Silence
  • Guided meditations to facilitate you into God’s presence
  • Sharing and fellowship

Showing up is all you need to do. We will work under the guidance of the Holy Spirit in terms of the programme and experiences. Some of these may include:

  1. Going to the heavenly courtrooms and having blockages such as bloodline curses / decrees that are keeping us stuck removed from our lives;
  2. Going into the heavenly realms to have fun and adventure with the Trinity;
  3. Receiving spiritual, mental, physical and emotional healing;
  4. Prayer;
  5. Worship and praise of the Lord;

All you need to do is to show up and receive. Yes, you can and must do this on your own at home, but anything done in the company of others activates the law of agreement which multiplies the effects ten fold.

Venue: To be advised

Date: To be advised

Price: To be advised

If venues are involved there will be money needed to pay for them. The facilitators fee is by donation;

1 day retreat:
Weekend retreat:
Individual one-on-one sessions with Facilitator:

Contact: Charmaine Treherne, charmtre@mweb.co.za or 0724508229

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