Starting Prayer/Meditation

The first part of my courtroom of heaven process for me was saying this prayer. I invite you to say the prayer for yourself because regardless of your beliefs, it will afford you protection from darkness:

There are two prayers in fact, both asking for reprieve and loosening from the clutches of Satan. Saying the prayer will ensure that you to continue with the rest of the process unhindered. There is also a prayer on this same clip for loosening others.

The first prayer is as follows and gives us power as ambassadors of truth and reconciliation to do this healing work. The prayers are taken from Jeannette Strauss’ book.

Prayer 1: Prayer of Repentance and Forgiveness for ourselves. 2 Cor 5:20

Dear heavenly Father, I humbly come before you and I repent for any sin that I have committed against you or anybody else and I ask your forgiveness and I ask that you wash me with the blood of Jesus and you move any case that they enemy has against me from the courtroom of judgement to the throne room of grace and mercy, where you will remove any veils or any scales off my eyes of understanding  and I will see the truth and I will embrace your truth and I will walk in your truth. Thank you Jesus. [at 15.25 on the clip below].

Prayer 2: Prayer on behalf of a Loved One:

Dear Heavenly Father.
I am bringing (name the person)  before you as an ambassador of reconciliation. I am repenting of any sin that that (the person) has committed against you. I ask for forgiveness of sin and cover (the person) with the blood of Jesus. I ask that you will remove any case that the accuser has against (the person) from the courtroom of judgement to the throne room of grace and mercy for a season of grace and mercy. I ask that during this season, (the person) will be put in your protective custody. Please remove the veils and scales from the eyes of their understanding. I declare that they will see and embrace your truth in their life. Take hold of your shield and buckler and stand up for their help. Plead their cause oh Lord that those who would strive against them, fight against those who would fight against them. Direct their footsteps according to your word and let no sin rule over them. In Jesus Name. Amen

If you are like me and would like to be guided through the prayer, you can listen to it on this clip at: 15:25 mins. The teaching is on the courts of heaven.

Here follows yet another prayer which is also a guided meditation of sorts. It can be described as a prayer to align you with the Loving Presence of God. It also is a clearing and healing prayer and involves the activation of what is called your First love gate which is the portal through which you experience the loving presence of God, experience the Fire of God touching your heart, clearing and healing the gateways of engagement, prayer and reverence fear of God. You will also clean and heal your DNA, your conscience and your imagination, then spend time with the Beloved on the divine Dance Floor be anointed with heavenly oils in the divine Soaking Room and simply be in the Presence of God in the Garden of the heart.

This powerful guided prayer is here in this clip hereunder With thanks to Mike Parsons.

I have come to value the teachings of this man, Mike Parsons. He is one who is pioneering this new way of being in relationship with God on Earth, through Christ, at this time. You can find more of Mike’s teachings here.